UP-S6 1S Charger


  • Six independent ports can be used at the same time
  • Three different kinds of batery connectors in each port
  • Six independent charging circuits
  • LED and Audible sound indicate charging status
  • Adjustable charging current from 0.1 1.0A
  • USB port (5V/2.1A) for charging iPads, mobile phones, digital cameras etc
  • Maximum protection: battery reverse polarity protection, battery over voltage protection and DC input voltage protection


DC input voltage:9.0V-15.0V
Charge power: Max. 4.35W x6, ±10%
Charge current: (0.1-1.0A) x6, ±10%
Battery type:LiPo/LiHV
Battery cell count:1cell
Indication:LED light
Support battery port:Micro, MX, mCPX
Support USB charge port: 5V/2.1A
Net weight:70g