Spektrum 2000mAh TX Battery


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In stock

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Spektrum 2000mAh TX Battery: DX6G2-3,DX7G2/DX8G2/DXe/DX6e

Key Features

  • Built-in charge circuitry
  • Charge using a 12-14V power supply
  • Compatible with DX6 G2-3, DX7 G2, DX8 G2, DXe, DX6e


Type: Lithium Ion
Output Voltage: 7.4V
mAh: 2000
Dimmensions(WxLxH): 57 x 74 x 22mm
Continuous Discharge: 2A
Wh: 14.8
Charge Rate: 500mA
Required: SPM9551 or other 12V power source to charge

Additional information

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 4 cm


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