SKYRC Multimeter 7 In 1   Digital RC Battery Checker, Watt Meter, Servo Tester


1. Battery Checker
2. Battery Internal Resistance
3. Watt Meter
4. Servo Tester
5. Optical Tachmeter
6. Temperature Gauge
7. Thrust Calculator


-Max input voltage: 60V
-Voltage measurement range: 2-8S Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-Ion
-Voltage display resolution: 0.001V
-Volt Port: 2.54mm pitch pins, 9 pins
-Max Current: 100A
-Shunt resistance: 0.001ohm
-Displayed resolutions A: 0.01
-Temperature resolutions: 1 Celsius / 1 Fahrenheit
-PPM signal output: 750uS – 2150uS
-Number of Propeller measurable: 1 to 5
-Propeller rotating range: 1-60000 RPM
-Dimension: 95.3 x 72.8 x 21.5mm

Package Includes:

1x Multimeter
1x Temp. sensor (48cm)
4x Input and output wires (with connectors on one end)(12cm)
1x Battery resistance testing wire(10cm)
1x Instruction manual(english)