Sebart Sebach 2.2m ARF White Blue

The Sebach 2.2 from Sebart is designed by the aerobatic champion, Sebastiano Silvestri. The Sebart 2.2 is a high-quality ARF model, the result of Sebastiano’s many years of research in 3D performance and precision aerobatic flying. Combined with Sebastiano’s experience, the Sebach features an extremely lightweight all wood airframe with large control surfaces, all covered with Oracover and revolutionary Lift Generators on the landing gear to give it an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio with crisp control authority at any airspeed and flight condition.


Wing Span: 220 cm
Length w. Spinner: 216 cm
Wing Area: 109 dm2
Weight: 7.5-8 Kg. RTF dry
Radio: 6-Channel


Set Up

Recommended engines:
Gas Engine: 50/55 cc.
Electric Motor: E-Flite Power 360
ESC: Phoenix Edge 160HV
Batteries: 2 x Li-Po 5000-6S 60C
Propeller: 24 x 10