Sebart Mini Albatros L-39 ARF Jet


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Sebart Mini Albatros L-39 ARF Jet – Military Scheme

The all-new Sebart Mini Albatros L-39 ARF Jet was designed by Italian aerobatic pilot Sebastiano Silvestri. This sport ARF jet-model design is based on real aircraft design and added the ultimate aerodynamically ideas of the modernist pattern models, using the 15 years experience in flying jets of Sebart,the result is surprising!

This innovative design combined with the lightweight structure, the fibreglass fuselage and all wood airframe, wings and stabs give the Mini Albatros L-39 ARF Jet an impressive precision and smoothness at any airspeed and flight condition. Thanks to the low wing load and the powerful 90mm EDF or the P20-K30 turbine, it can be a fantastic aerobatic jet-trainer!

Key Features

  • Painted fibreglass fuselage
  • Wings and stabilizers in balsa covered with Oracover
  • Retract aluminium landing gear + doors installed

Kit Contents

  • Fuselage lacquered
  • Wing and tail units in timber construction, fully covered
  • Electric retractable undercarriage
  • 3 servos installed (landing gear shaft, steering servo)
  • Assembly manual

Needed to Complete

1 x 90mm EDF and motor
1 x ESC
Minimum 6 channels radio and receiver
7 x sub micro servos 17g (1x rudder, 2x elevator, 2x ailerons, 2x flaps)
5000-5800 mAh 35-50c Lipo Battery 6 cells
Lipo Battery Charger 6 cells


Wingspan (mm): 1215mm / 47.83in
Length (mm): 1460mm / 57.48in
Wing Surface Area: 31dm² / 480 sq in
Weight (gr): 3.04kg / 6.70lb (without battery)
Flying weight (gr): env. 3.88kg / 8.55lb (with 5800mAh 6s Lipo)
CG (Centre of Gravity): Check manual
Servos: 3x servos 12g / 0.02lb
EDF Diameter Class (mm): 90
Surfaces: Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator, Flaps
Landing Gear: metal retract landing gear
Material: Fiberglass, Oracover wings coverage
Build time: 16 hours
Radio required: 6 channel minimum
Recommended pilot skill level: Intermediate, Advanced

Additional information

Weight 7.9 kg
Dimensions 155 × 39 × 56 cm


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