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Sebart Cessna 50e ARF Red and White

The Sebart Cessna 50e professional ARF kit is the result of 30 years in the model airplane design experience. This, combined with an extremely light weight structure and with many small aerodynamical tricks give the Cessna S 30-50E an impressive precision and easy control in any flight condition. The Cessna S 30-50E can do it all! It can fly very stable and easy at any airspeed: a dream for every beginner. In expert hands it can perform a very easy reverse flight, hover, positive harrier, knife-edge, and almost anything else you can dream up are waiting for you.


  • Designed by Sebastiano Silvestri
  • Easy to fly – a great plane for a beginner
  • Capable of 3D aerobatics

Needed to Complete

  • Minimum 6 channel radio and receiver
  • 5 x mini MG digital servos for ailerons, elevator, rudder and steering
  • 2 servo extension 500mm for elevator and rudder servos
  • 2 servo extension 250mm for aileron servos
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Battery
  • Propeller


Wing Span: 166 cm
Length: 147 cm
Wing Area: 42 dm2
Weight: 2.500g./ 2.900g. RTF
Radio: 6+ channels with 5 MG digital mini servos

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 127 × 31 × 43 cm


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