Ripmax Bolero ARF

The Ripmax Bolero is a great 3D kit. With large control surfaces, symmetrical wings with a custom aerofoil, and long fuselage you will find the Bolero docile enough to learn aerobatics and allow you to become a 3D pro!

Key Features

• Pre-covered in high quality heat shrink film
• All balsa and ply construction
• Large control surfaces for 3D flight
• Aluminium undercarriage
• Suitable for electric or I/C power (suitable pack required)
• Optional side force generators for amazing knife-edge performance
• Large access hatch
• 2-Piece wing with carbon spar for easy transport


Wingspan: 1500mmm
Length: 1510mm
Radio (Req): 4-5 Channel
Servos (Req): 4-5 Stanard Sized