Multiplex Funjet Ultra


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Funjet ULTRA

Even the “normal” by Funjet MULTIPLEX is one of the fastest in its class. For absolute speed fans, we have now created an even hotter jet:
The Multiplex Funjet Ultra.

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Funjet ULTRA

Even the “normal” by Funjet MULTIPLEX is one of the fastest in its class. For absolute speed fans, we have now created an even hotter jet:
The Multiplex Funjet Ultra .

New foam technology and a CFP Holm gives the Funjet Ultra the structural strength required for such a high speed application.

In addition, a new, more powerful propulsion – which gives the ULTRA-Fun more than 200 km / h and a flight as if on rails “out of the box”.


• Easy to HAND LAUNCH• Precise and direct flight dynamics
• speed> 200 km / h.
• Quiet, non-critical flight performance even at extreme speeds
• Controls on two axes (lateral, altitude)
• Relatively low wing loading
• Elegant design
• Robust materials – forgiving with even harder landings


Wingspan 783 mm
Flying Weight from 875 g
Overall length 750 mm
Wing Area 14.5 dm ²
Wing loading 60 g / dm ²
RC functions height, transverse (Deltamix required)

Recommended Power Equipment

Motor: 350-800 watt Brushless Outrunner
Speed Control: 70 – 80 amp.
Propeller: 6 x 5.5
Battery: 3S 3200mAh LiPo

Recommended Radio Gear

Radio: Spektrum DX6i, 7 or 8, Aurora 9, JRDSX9
Receiver: 4 Channels
Servos: 2 x Hitec HS-65HB or 2 x Hitec HS-5065MG
Other: 2 x 12″ servo extensions

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 15 × 28 cm

1 review for Multiplex Funjet Ultra

  1. Michael D'Silva

    I bought this kit when it was released and ONLY just put it together a few days ago. This is my second Funjet… I gave the first one to a friend to enjoy and bought the new Ultra.

    Amazing quality. The foam is much more dense and has a lot less flex. It has a slightly "plasticized" feel to the surface. The bumps under the wing are a welcome addition since it makes finding the CG after battery fitment, extremely easy and accurate.

    I used gear that I had on hand; servos were Hitec HS65, Motor was a Neu inrunner rated at 2800KV… battery was 2250 4S and controller was a Castle creations 60amp. Prop is 4.7×5.5….

    Being a 4S setup and with this heavier motor, the wingloading was a lot higher than my first funjet on 3S, but it absolutely hauls.

    The extra mass makes the plane feel more "locked in" and stable. Launches need a good firm throw and the torque from the motor always makes it rotate to the left.. so you just have to be ready on the sticks!

    First flight was uneventful. No trim was needed apart from a touch of downthrust… this is adjustable and built into the motor mount. Just needed to turn the screw 1 turn.
    It still flies very stably at lower speeds but when you open it up, the prop just screams and the Funjet performs like a turbine jet.

    Very happy with this model. Will try out different packs and prop combinations, but so far, it is near perfect.

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