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The LipoSack is designed to mitigate the effects of a Lithium-Polymer Battery charging mishap.It is very portable and lightweight at ten ounces.

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Lithium-Polymer Battery Charging and Storage Solution

The LipoSack is designed to mitigate the effects of a Lithium-Polymer Battery charging mishap.It is very portable and lightweight at ten ounces.
We have one size available which measures 305mm x 238mm (9″ x 12″), weights 136 grams and is recommended for up to six cells total.

Please read before using your new LipoSack

Thank you for purchasing a LipoSack. Please read these instructions before using your new LipoSack. Adherence to these simple instructions will ensure many years of use of this product.
The use of a LipoSack does not guarantee total protection of surrounding surfaces. It is simply intended to mitigate the effects of a battery failure during charging or after a crash.

The LipoSack has been tested using up to 3 cell 2100mAh packs. Larger packs have not been tested and are not recommended for use inside the LipoSack.

Battery safety:
Lithium Polymer batteries are volatile. Failure to adhere to established charging guidelines may result in fire, personal injury and damage to property if charged or used improperly.

The makers of LipoSack or its distributors or retailers assume no liability for failures to comply with these use and safety guidelines.

By purchasing this product, the buyer assumes all risks associated with its intended use. If you cannot comply with these guidelines please return this product unused to your retailer.

1) Charge batteries in a safe area away from flammable materials and only on a non-flammable surface in a vented area. Do not discharge batteries below 3 volts/cell. Doing so may result in cell damage and subsequent cell venting upon a subsequent charge.
2) Do not recharge damaged batteries. Dispose of damaged batteries in the proper manner.
3) Some LiPo chargers on the market may have technical deficiencies that may cause it to charge the battery incorrectly or at an improper rate. It is your sole responsibility to assure that the charger you purchased works properly. Always monitor the charging process to assure batteries are being charged properly. Failure to do so may result in cell damage or fire.
4) In the event of a crash, you must remove the battery from the model for observation and place in a safe open area away from flammable materials.

LipoSack Use Instructions:

1) Ensure that charger rate is properly set and polarity is correct.
2) Attach charging leads to battery.
3) Place battery in LipoSack towards the bottom.
4) Place LipoSack on non-flammable surface.
5) Route charge leads through vent at the top seam of the LipoSack.
6) Close top flap of LipoSack and press hook and loop closure fully closed.
7) Charge battery using proper charging practices.

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