Hacker A50-14 S V4

The new V4 Series A50 Brushless provides increased efficiency. Through a newly designed rear end plate and the improved fan a higher power throughput is possible and the continuous load is again improved.


Powerange: max. 1250W (15 sec.)
Idle Current @ 8,4V: 1,5A
Resistance (Ri): 0,021 Ohm
RPM/Volt (kv): 425 U/min-1
Weight: 345g
Diameter: 48,7 mm
Length: 47,2 mm
Poles: 14
Recommended Speed Controler: min. 70A Brushless
Recommended Timing: 20° – 25°
Shaft Diameter output: 6 mm
Shaft Diameter, inner diameter: 8mm